Meeting Program

Friday 13th

  • 18pm – Welcome and presentation of the meeting [logistics , individual presentation , development of the conference]
  • 19h – Assembly

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  • 21h – Dinner

Saturday 14th

  • 10h Working groups  : definition of proposals
  • 12h Coffee break : sharing
  • 12:30 Working groups
  • 14h Lunch
  • 16h Workgroups: roadmap and implementation strategy of the proposals
  • 19h Skype with Joan Donovan 19h **
  • 21h Dinner

Sunday 15

  • 10h Sharing conclusions and common statement
  • 13h Lunch
  • 15h DRY (Democracia Real Ya) network meeting
* The idea is that each working group will focus on developing feasible 2-3  actions aimed at a specific target : students, unemployed, migrants, etc.
** Joan Donovan researches anti-capitalist movements use of information and  communication technologies. She helped build the platform in 2011, which facilitates distributed direct actions by linking networks of activists.

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