BCN Meeting Program

Meeting program could be slightly modified according to participation.


Friday 13th

  • 18h – Welcome and presentation of the meeting [ logistics , individual presentation , brief explanation of the meeting ]
  • 19h – Assembly [ presentation of the work done, proposals and creation of working groups* ]
  • 21h – Dinner

Saturday 14th

  • 10h Working groups  : definition of proposals
  • 12h Coffee break : sharing
  • 12:30 Working groups
  • 14h Lunch
  • 16h Workgroups: roadmap and implementation strategy of the proposals
  • 19h Skype with Joan Donovan 19h **
  • 21h Dinner

Sunday 15

  • 10h Sharing conclusions and common statement
  • 13h Lunch
  • 15h DRY (Democracia Real Ya) network meeting
* The idea is that each working group will focus on developing feasible 2-3  actions aimed at a specific target : students, unemployed, migrants, etc.
** Joan Donovan researches anti-capitalist movements use of information and  communication technologies. She helped build the platform in 2011, which facilitates distributed direct actions by linking networks of activists.


In order to make this time productive and have material ready to use and to adapt to local contexts of each participant at the end of the meeting, the conference is organized in a format that allows to work in small groups on specific content.
We will try to organize the working groups composition is as diverse as possible, to facilitate the generation of ideas and sharing of experiences.
Each group will work in transdisciplicanar way on a target (students, unemployed, housewives, precarious, etc.). Arrange think, design and develop a material on possible actions your target can implement during the social strike. The actions are thought considering your organization, logistics, distribution, needs, communication strategies … so that each group will develop a full proposal itself, ready for publication on the website and implementation.
During the sharing moments everyone will know the ideas that are developing the other groups to be able to contribute and enrich the proposals.
The aim is that after the meeting we will have a catalog of possible actions that serve to boost the social organization of the strike and moments in different territories, a tool that can be used by all those groups who wish to join either the October 15th or later .


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