Hub Meeting 2013 Important Info

The meeting will take place on April 18-20 in Maribor and Ljubljana

Start time: 12:00 on 18th in Maribor

19th in Ljubljana

End time: 14:00 on 20th in Ljubljana



The idea is to look at these titles/proposals and blend them into 4-6 more general workshops falling into the themes of Commonfare and Constituent Process.

Proposals thus far: Insurgent (Women) Social Workers and Radical Care; Reading the constituent process in different context; Free University; Social and Precarious Strike; Governance of the City; Migration; Guaranteed Basic Income.

Hub-Meeting should be concluded with a common statement.


Transport: Possible bus from Ljubljana to Maribor (and back) on 18/19th.

Private Housing available and/or possible to use empty room in Rog housing unit.

Food: SC Rog will provide coffee and pastries (to be confirmed) on morning of 19th and 20th; Will also cook two evening meals (19th and 20th).

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