BCN 2013 Common Statement

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During the Hub Meeting we shared the need to build a struggle process ( #SocialStrike ) able to synchronize the different territories from the local to the global level. We consider #15O just as the launch date of this process aiming to connect and empower different people to strike against financial capitalism and austerity.

To achieve this, we have not only to design #SocialStrike actions, but to explain whom and what these actions aim to target. Furthermore why it is worth to take the risk of making a step further and go beyond classical demonstrations and labor strikes towards a form of struggle that is inclusive and effectively harming the capitalist economic system. A social struggle that changes the balances and the relationships imposed on the contemporary productive system, introducing a new form of wealth distribution and the claim for a universal basic income.

People and groups attending the Hub Meeting have agreed on a common strategy, starting a week before the 15th of October and identifying this date as a general test to present the #SocialStrike process and spread information about it. We have also developed a strike practices catalogue that can be used to simultaneously implement actions on different spaces, according with the singularity of each location and its resources.

The strength of the actions is not going to be based on their size, but on how distributed and coordinated they will be. Therefore, their force will rely on our capacity of coordinating and synchronize them. We see the #19O global demonstration against financial capitalism and austerity as an important further step to enforce our independent coordination network towards further actions.

With love,

Hub Meeting 2013


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